Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whitney Houston - Comeback Queen

I love me some Whitney Houston! Ok, if any of you saw the show last week when Whitney Houston perform on Good Morning America, you probably were asking yourself, "What the Hell!!!" I said to myself, "self, we waited just to hear this?" Her vocals were a little off, but you know what, I give her an A+ anyway because she still performed from the heart! I don't know if she stayed up the night before or if age is getting to her or what, but next time I hear from you Whitney, make sure you have your vocals together.

Remeber the hits, "I'm your baby tonight"; I Wanna Dance with somebody"; "Saving All My Love for you"; and ofcourse, "Didn't We Almost Have It All." I mean, she has carved herself into the history of musical icons/divas. Regardless of what anyone thinks, Whitney Houston deserves a fair chance and deserves to be heard! I purchased her new cd last week and I'm in love all over again with her! Have you gotten your copy! What do you think About the entire new "Whitney?"

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  1. It reminded me of where i was sum years ago.I was inspired by how open she was to share the realness of where she had been and all of the mistakes.There is a God who can fix what is broken.