Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye West Outburst at the VMA's

Ok people,
I was truly upset with Mr. Kanye West and his outburst at the VMA's. I hate to say it, but the VMA's are not the BET awards. Did someone fail to give Mr. West the email!!! Taylor Swift deserved her moment to shine. She has worked tremendously hard and accomplished alot just as a young teenager and this joker, Mr. West, does the unthinkable. Are you telling me, just because you are a celebrity, you have the right to get away with disrespectful antics such as this! I was furious. If it were up to me, not only would I have kicked him out of the VMA awards, but he would have been banned!!! Simple as that!!!


  1. Well i didnt like it.But take it from me he knew what he was doin when he done it.Now he is on every myspace,youtube,and Tv station in the nation.And trust me he will still sell millions of albums.Get it pub.This is not his first time im realy not shocked.Km