Thursday, September 17, 2009

Has Hip-Hop Gone Too Far

I was sitting up thinking the another and the question came to myself, "has hip-hop gone too far?" Meaning, have this genre or movement of music lost the very essence of what it originally stood for. True hip-hop back in the day was music about communities having social responsiblities and doing the right things. Now, the music that is supposedly deemed as hip-hop only glamorizes young men as having lots of money, fancy cars, and two and three girls on each side.

I strongly feel as though we are causing lots of damage to our younger generation because it almost impossible to find a "hip-hop" artist that speaks out to the communities about staying in school, stay away from gangs, choose non-violence, stay drug-free..don't use or sell the stuff!!!

I think it's important in today's time that we tell the truth and stop painting the falsified pictures about what a young men should look and act like. The truth of the matter is....everyone is not going to become a rich and famous rapper or hip hop artist!!!

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