Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trenyce Cobbins - Making Things Happen

Trenyce has found success in the theater, while still planning to release a CD.
American Idol’s second season produced a group of talented and memorable singers, including winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken. Arguably, the most gifted female singer of the season was Trenyce, who made it into the top five only to be eliminated the following week, after she landed in the bottom two against Ruben.

Trenyce auditioned for American Idol in Nashville, Tennessee. After making it into the Hollywood round, she was ultimately chosen as one of the top 12 in the wild card round, as judge Paula Abdul’s personal pick. Song choices such as “Proud Mary” and “I Have Nothing” showcased Trenyce’s powerful voice and unwavering star power.

After the show ended, Trenyce performed in the American Idol II concert tour along with eight other Idols from that season. The tour hit 41 cities across the United States and Canada in 55 days, during the summer of 2003. The American Idol II compilation CD was released around this time, and featured Trenyce’s performance of “Let’s Stay Together.”

Still riding on her Idol fame, Trenyce hit the talk show circuit, appearing on morning shows, daytime talk shows, and primetime entertainment programs. She was featured in many magazines and newspapers, and even received the key to the city of Memphis, where she is from.

While fans waited for word of a studio album, Trenyce was busy exploring all of her options. Plans for a line of designer shoes and clothing were on the table, as well as a line of beauty and spa products. These never materialized, however. Instead, Trenyce turned to the theater and found great success there.

Trenyce played the role of “Deena” in “Dreamgirls”, the same role played by Beyonce Knowles in the film adaptation. (Trenyce auditioned for the film as well, but was ultimately beat out by fellow Idol alum Jennifer Hudson.) She also had leading roles in musicals such as “Not a Day Goes By”, “Mama’s Sweet Potato Pie”, and “Soul Kittens Cabaret.”

In 2006, Trenyce toured Russia with singer Wanda Dee and 90’s band The KLF. Upon her return, the same day that Taylor Hicks was crowned the fifth American Idol, Trenyce became the first Idol to headline a show in Las Vegas. The show, called “V: The Ultimate Variety Show”, appeared at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino. She also sang to sold-out crowds at the Sahara Hotel with her show, “Late Night Idol.”

Currently, Trenyce resides in Los Angeles and is playing the lead role in the musical play, “Love in the Nick of Tyme”. This play will be released on DVD this summer. The summer of 2007 will also see Trenyce joining a star-studded cast in the play, “Invisible Life,” based on the novel of the same name by E. Lynn Harris.

Trenyce recently did an interview with the Memphis-based FOX affiliate, and admitted that plans for an album are still on hold. “I am working on an album,” Trenyce said. “But I really want Memphis to be proud of what I’m doing. I don’t want it to just be something that is a shot in the dark, that is a fly by night, that is a one hit wonder type of situation. I really want my album to touch a lot of people, and Memphis first.”

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